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Do you know your data? Where it’s come from? Where it’s going? How it’s derived?

Graphically understand and interactively explore your Data Lineage

Data Lineage for ER/Studio gives data management professionals and business users essential insight to the extracts, transformations, and loads of complex enterprise data. Data governance and organizational compliance is supported with detailed metadata management for risk reduction and data discrepancy isolation.

In this presentation we look at the key reasons for using ER/Studio Data Lineage and what it provides you with.

To learn more about ER/Studio Data Lineage please look here: http://www.embarcadero.com/products/er-studio-data-lineage or request a demo here: http://forms.embarcadero.com/forms/ERStudioProductInterest

Watch this video on Data Lineage by Torquil Harkness

When you can trust your data through its data lineage, you can create compliance reports with confidence, reduce the risks of untraceable data, and more quickly identify and isolate data errors, ultimately saving time and effort in your data management. ER/Studio is designed to help you organize, structure and model your data from multiple different sources, both relational and unstructured.