Oracle Integration Cloud Solutions

Oracle Integration Cloud Solutions, a comprehensive suite of integration services that enable users to quickly integrate on-premises and cloud applications.


The Oracle Integration Cloud Solutions portfolio provides a range of integration services developed for specific users that help simplify and accelerate integration of cloud and on-premises applications. With its simple, intuitive application integration service, Oracle Integration Cloud is ideal for Applications IT and LOBs integrating SaaS applications. On the other end of the spectrum, Oracle SOA Cloud was designed for integration developers and provides a full integration platform with fine-grained control and ability to support various use cases, including dev/test, lift and shift, etc. The portfolio now includes Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Oracle SOA Cloud Service, Oracle GoldenGate, IoT Cloud Service, Oracle API Manager Cloud Service, Oracle Process Cloud Service, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Metadata Management.


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WEBCAST: Move Your ETL Workloads to the Cloud Webcast on 15th February 2017

Register Now Announcing the New Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service

Join this webcast on 15th February 2017 at 10:00 GMT / 11:00 CET to learn how the NEW Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service:

  • Brings the power of a proven enterprise data transformation solution to the Cloud
  • Eliminates coding with open, reusable and extensible templates to define data flows
  • Provides heterogeneous Cloud E-LT architecture for enterprise and open-source technologies
  • Integrates with GoldenGate Cloud Service for real-time E-LT in the Cloud

Download the datasheet here

Register now and future proof your data management architecture with Oracle Cloud.

Featured Speaker Julien Testut, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle 

Julien Testut

Julien Testut
Julien Testut is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Data Integration group focusing on Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service, Oracle Data Integrator and Cloud Data Integration solutions. Julien has an extensive background in Data Integration and Data Governance solutions as well as Big Data and cloud technologies. Julien is a co-author of the ‘Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator 11g: A Hands-on Tutorial’ and ‘Oracle Data Integrator 11g Cookbook’ books. Prior to joining Oracle, he was an Applications Engineer at Sunopsis, which was then acquired by Oracle. Julien holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering.

Free DevOps Open Online Course

Oracle Cloud DevOps Tools and Solutions

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

In this free course, you will learn to use Oracle’s Cloud tools and solutions to speed up application development lifecycles, and ensure predictability for both developers and operations personnel.

Topics covered in this MOOC

• DevOps Overview

• Test-Driven Development (TDD) Using Python or Java

• Agile and Project Management with Oracle Developer Cloud Service

• Continuous Integration and Deployment with Oracle Developer Cloud

• Write and Deploy Code using Oracle Developer Cloud Service


Lessons will be released from January 13, 2017 through February 3, 2017.

The lecture is through videos, which are available 24/7. Take the course at your own pace, and interact with other students (and the instructors) through the forum. Each week, one or more lessons will be released. Each lesson contains the video materials to watch, homework and exercises for you to work on, and a quiz to assess your learning.

How to register

• Go to

• Login to the page.

• Click the Enroll button.

Please note: Enrollment is a multi-step process. Until your enrollment is approved, you will not have access to the course materials.


What is a MOOC?

•   We designed Oracle Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to provide you with the training you need anytime, anyplace and completely free! Our focus is to help you sharpen a set of skills that you can apply right away. We focus on current products and technologies, and our experts develop the MOOC content. What do you do in a MOOC? You will watch high quality video lectures, work on hands-on labs, and take quizzes. We help you create a lab environment to work in, or provide one for you. Through our dedicated forums, you have access to our experts, and can interact with others enrolled in the MOOC. We hope to see you in a MOOC soon!

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Webcast: What’s coming for big data in 2017?

Webcast: What’s coming for big data in 2017?

Time: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 10:00am PT


  • Jeff Pohlmann, VP of Big Data and Analytics Platform, Oracle
  • Peter Jeffcock, Director of Big Data Product Marketing, Oracle


This webcast deep dive into the major trends of 2017 and will showcase a range of big data themes that companies will need to address to enable for success in the years to come.  New technologies are enabling long-desired applications, with Kafka supporting simpler data-bus architectures for Real-Time data analytics, and data virtualization giving analysts access to data across storage platforms and language barriers.  These changes will have a significant impact on how companies can operate and gain their competitive advantage.

This webcast will shed the light on:

  • Trends in data architecture
  • Bleeding-edge applications of data
  • What you can do now to prepare your organization for what’s to come

Click here for more details and to register!

WEBINAR: Real-Time Data Ingestion and Streaming Analytics with Oracle and Hortonworks

November 24th, 2016 at 10am BST / 11am CEST


Organizations today are looking to exploit modern Data Architectures that combine the power and scale of Big Data Hadoop platforms with operational data from their Transactional Systems. In order to react to situations in an agile manner in real-time, low-latency
access to data is essential.

Hortonworks and Oracle can provide comprehensive solutions that allow organisations to respond rapidly to data events.


During this webinar we will cover:

  • How Oracle GoldenGate empowers organisations to capture,route, and deliver transactional data from Oracle and non-Oracle databases for ingestion in real-time to HDP :registered:.
  • How GoldenGate complements HDF providing optimised delivery to Hadoop targets such as HDFS, Hive, Hbase, NoSQL, Kafka, to support customers with their real-time big data analytics initiatives.
  • How Oracle GoldenGate enables uses cases for analysis of data in motion

Attend this webinar to learn how Hortonworks and Oracle can help you with your real-time big data analytics and streaming initiatives!


The Always-On Business Requires Oracle GoldenGate (OGG)

By Sandrine Riley-Oracle on Oct 05, 2016

“Always-on, data-driven, and real-time have truly become table stakes for enterprises in today’s global economy. The challenges for getting a consistent, up-to-date picture are compounded as enterprises embrace cloud deployments.” Tony Baer states it plainly.

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, you need real-time information – it really is that simple. This requires a platform that can unite information from disparate systems across your enterprise without compromising availability and performance. Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time capture, transformation, routing, and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous systems. Oracle GoldenGate facilitates high-performance, low-impact data movement with low latency to a wide variety of databases and platforms while maintaining transaction integrity – and that is the key. With the help of Ovum’s Tony Baer, we have further explored how businesses value their data in this changing environment. Businesses need to continuously innovate, but execute at the same time. This whitepaper explores the realities of today, and those coming tomorrow. Real-time is crucial and an essential ingredient to driving key advances in everyday business.

Image result for Oracle GoldenGate

Read this newly released whitepaper for key insights into how:

  • Real-time is driving service-level expectations, even for offline workloads
  • With enterprises embracing hybrid cloud deployment, the need to keep data in sync, in real time between cloud and on-premise systems becomes table stakes
  • Real-time data integration is not simply a technology argument; it is essential to the ability to execute faster, which can lead to bottom-line cost reductions and top-line creation of new business and revenue opportunities
  • Supporting real-time business requires a data-replication technology that is flexible, scalable, performant, and platform-independent, with little to no overhead.

Tony interviews a handful of Oracle GoldenGate customers, and found valuable insights into the uniqueness and flexibility Oracle GoldenGate provides to today’s market.

To learn more about Real-Time Data Integration & Replication – Oracle GoldenGate – visit us here. This short video: Chalk Talk: Boost Big Data Solutions with Oracle GoldenGate might be of interest as well.

We hope you find this research exciting! Click for the WHITEPAPER.

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Sandrine Riley

Why Self Service Data Wrangling Speeds Up Time to Value

By Sandrine Riley-Oracle on Sep 09, 2016

Oracle’s Big Data Preparation Cloud Service (BDP) provides value in analytics and data management projects at any scale. It empowers business users to process complex business data of any source, size and format; from small departmental data to large enterprise data to massive IOT and log data. The service is the only data wrangling tool using a unique combination of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing leveraging a semantic knowledge graph in the Cloud. This means that it is more efficient in mapping relationships and making more accurate repair and enrichment recommendations. Are you curious?  Check out this short BDP Video to have BDP explained to you!

Image result for big data prep oracle

It is becoming more evident that Data Preparation is important in speeding time to value.  Due to growing data volumes, and siloed data, businesses are finding that further and faster growth can be achieved via better data, of which one preliminary step is that of preparing, enriching, and wrangling the data.  With the help of Forrester, 160 IT decision makers from around the world were surveyed, which yielded great clues and information on the growing importance of streamlining the data preparation and data to deliver cutting-edge business insights.

READ the Technology Adoption Profile:  Data Preparation Accelerates Self-Service.

Oracle’s cloud based technology with Oracle Big Data Preparation helps to bridge the IT-Business gap, showing how self service data wrangling, when done right imparts great value, provides rich recommendation and helps streamline and automate the data preparation pipeline.  Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service provides an agile, intuitive interface that automates, streamlines, and guides the process of data ingestion, preparation, enrichment, and publishing of data targeted at the data integration needs of the data steward and IT.

To learn more about Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service, visit us at our websites here and here.  We hope you find this research compelling!

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Sandrine Riley

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