Free DevOps Open Online Course

Oracle Cloud DevOps Tools and Solutions

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

In this free course, you will learn to use Oracle’s Cloud tools and solutions to speed up application development lifecycles, and ensure predictability for both developers and operations personnel.

Topics covered in this MOOC

• DevOps Overview

• Test-Driven Development (TDD) Using Python or Java

• Agile and Project Management with Oracle Developer Cloud Service

• Continuous Integration and Deployment with Oracle Developer Cloud

• Write and Deploy Code using Oracle Developer Cloud Service


Lessons will be released from January 13, 2017 through February 3, 2017.

The lecture is through videos, which are available 24/7. Take the course at your own pace, and interact with other students (and the instructors) through the forum. Each week, one or more lessons will be released. Each lesson contains the video materials to watch, homework and exercises for you to work on, and a quiz to assess your learning.

How to register

• Go to

• Login to the page.

• Click the Enroll button.

Please note: Enrollment is a multi-step process. Until your enrollment is approved, you will not have access to the course materials.


What is a MOOC?

•   We designed Oracle Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to provide you with the training you need anytime, anyplace and completely free! Our focus is to help you sharpen a set of skills that you can apply right away. We focus on current products and technologies, and our experts develop the MOOC content. What do you do in a MOOC? You will watch high quality video lectures, work on hands-on labs, and take quizzes. We help you create a lab environment to work in, or provide one for you. Through our dedicated forums, you have access to our experts, and can interact with others enrolled in the MOOC. We hope to see you in a MOOC soon!

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