Webcast: What’s coming for big data in 2017?

Webcast: What’s coming for big data in 2017?

Time: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 10:00am PT


  • Jeff Pohlmann, VP of Big Data and Analytics Platform, Oracle
  • Peter Jeffcock, Director of Big Data Product Marketing, Oracle


This webcast deep dive into the major trends of 2017 and will showcase a range of big data themes that companies will need to address to enable for success in the years to come.  New technologies are enabling long-desired applications, with Kafka supporting simpler data-bus architectures for Real-Time data analytics, and data virtualization giving analysts access to data across storage platforms and language barriers.  These changes will have a significant impact on how companies can operate and gain their competitive advantage.

This webcast will shed the light on:

  • Trends in data architecture
  • Bleeding-edge applications of data
  • What you can do now to prepare your organization for what’s to come

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