Why Self Service Data Wrangling Speeds Up Time to Value

By Sandrine Riley-Oracle on Sep 09, 2016

Oracle’s Big Data Preparation Cloud Service (BDP) provides value in analytics and data management projects at any scale. It empowers business users to process complex business data of any source, size and format; from small departmental data to large enterprise data to massive IOT and log data. The service is the only data wrangling tool using a unique combination of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing leveraging a semantic knowledge graph in the Cloud. This means that it is more efficient in mapping relationships and making more accurate repair and enrichment recommendations. Are you curious?  Check out this short BDP Video to have BDP explained to you!

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It is becoming more evident that Data Preparation is important in speeding time to value.  Due to growing data volumes, and siloed data, businesses are finding that further and faster growth can be achieved via better data, of which one preliminary step is that of preparing, enriching, and wrangling the data.  With the help of Forrester, 160 IT decision makers from around the world were surveyed, which yielded great clues and information on the growing importance of streamlining the data preparation and data to deliver cutting-edge business insights.

READ the Technology Adoption Profile:  Data Preparation Accelerates Self-Service.

Oracle’s cloud based technology with Oracle Big Data Preparation helps to bridge the IT-Business gap, showing how self service data wrangling, when done right imparts great value, provides rich recommendation and helps streamline and automate the data preparation pipeline.  Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service provides an agile, intuitive interface that automates, streamlines, and guides the process of data ingestion, preparation, enrichment, and publishing of data targeted at the data integration needs of the data steward and IT.

To learn more about Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service, visit us at our websites here and here.  We hope you find this research compelling!

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