What is Your Big Data Story?

Check out this blog post by Karen Lopez and then let us know your Big Data Story. http://embt.co/1yPSjMe


I’ve been speaking, teaching and ranting on big data and NoSQL technologies recently. I’ve noticed that when I chat with many data modelers, I’ve met with a lot of skepticism about big data.

You may be that “guy” if you’ve ever said: • It’s just mainframe all over again.

• It’s a fad to get out of data modeling tasks

• It’s not something I need know about

• I don’t have big data, so I don’t need to know NoSQL

I think what’s missing from that thinking is the fact that modern data architectures use technologies that are the best fit for solving a data “problem”. I like to use the term “data story” instead of “problem.” It’s not that the newer technologies are replacing traditional relational database systems; they are complementing them.

Continue Reading here: http://embt.co/1yPSjMe

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