Top 5 Hidden Features in ER/Studio

Golden Oldies…

Data Modeling with ER/Studio Enterprise

It’s tough to know if you’re using a product to its fullest capabilities, especially if you’re relatively new to a product.  As you get up to speed with ER/Studio, our award winning data modeling tool, I strongly recommend using the evaluation guide we have on our website.  We’ve tuned thing puppy over the years to not only work for people evaluating the product with a fresh set of eyes, but also help gain more exposure to the meat of the product and most of the functionality you’ll use on a daily basis.

The evaluation guide covers the essentials like how to easily navigate large data models, using shift+click on an entity to enable on-screen editing for rapid entity attribution, submodeling/subject area creation, running macros to automate common tasks, denormalization in the physical model and even getting started with the ER/Studio Enterprise.

As you get…

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