Webinar: DB PowerStudio and ER/Studio: Big Data, Big Models, Big News!

With the increasing interest in big data platforms such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Hadoop Hive, data professionals are trying to figure out how to reconcile their relational experience and environments with these developing databases. These new technologies pose particular challenges for those tasked with establishing consistent data models for their organizations.Join this webinar to learn about the latest release of database modeling and management tools from Embarcadero Technologies covering:

  • New reverse-engineering support for big data platforms: MongoDB and Hadoop Hive
  • Extended 64-bit memory model with significant performance gains for large models
  • PostgreSQL support including Greenplum MPP & Pivotal HAWQ SQL-on-Hadoop

ER/Studio XE6 and DB PowerStudio XE6 now include 64-bit memory models and installation, along with support for big data / NoSQL platforms, massively parallel processing, increased performance, and enhanced collaboration. Everything’s bigger in XE6!

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Top 5 Hidden Features in ER/Studio

Golden Oldies…

Data Modeling with ER/Studio Enterprise

It’s tough to know if you’re using a product to its fullest capabilities, especially if you’re relatively new to a product.  As you get up to speed with ER/Studio, our award winning data modeling tool, I strongly recommend using the evaluation guide we have on our website.  We’ve tuned thing puppy over the years to not only work for people evaluating the product with a fresh set of eyes, but also help gain more exposure to the meat of the product and most of the functionality you’ll use on a daily basis.

The evaluation guide covers the essentials like how to easily navigate large data models, using shift+click on an entity to enable on-screen editing for rapid entity attribution, submodeling/subject area creation, running macros to automate common tasks, denormalization in the physical model and even getting started with the ER/Studio Enterprise.

As you get…

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