Event: Embarcadero Breakfast briefing 18th September at TechUK

Come and hear how TalkTalk is using their centralised data modelling solution to drive strategic business initiatives at our free breakfast briefing on 18th September at TechUK. You will hear about the process they undertook to get widespread stakeholder acceptance and how they are building on their successful implementation to further exploit true value from their enterprise data. For more details and to register go to : http://embt.co/ESW-1809

About the speaker:

Eric Mellor

Eric Mellor

Head of Enterprise Data Warehouse at TalkTalk

Responsible for innovation, planning and implementation of the Enterprise Data Warehouse and data management services.

VIDEO: Superior Data Modeling Techniques for Teradata users

Taking your Teradata Database to the Next Level

As a Teradata customer, you already know that managing your data is a big job. Perhaps you’ve been wishing for a database tool to help you do that more efficiently. Your wish has been granted!

ER/Studio includes first-tier support for Teradata, enabling data professionals to better manage their data warehouses from logical and physical models. Teradata is recognized as a leading provider in very large scale mission critical enterprise data warehouses, and their customers have come to rely on these features to obtain best functionality and performance.

Watch this 10 minute Teradata video on demand to see how ER/Studio can help you:

  • Use ALTER scripts to make modifications to a Teradata database
  • Leverage MLPPI to improve the performance of certain queries and high-volume insert, update and delete operations
  • Manage your historical data with temporal data types

With a dedicated approach to helping data management professionals raise the bar, ER/Studio can help save you time with powerful data modeling and architecture tools to meet the evolving demands of today’s data warehouse environments.


Webinar: Data Modeling for Big Data & NoSQL Technologies with Karen Lopez

Since data modeling became a mainstream development technique, our work has focused primarily on data modeling for relational databases. Then came data warehouse and dimensional modeling. Now we have both transactional and analytical non-relational solutions to support as well. Where does data modeling fit into these projects? Where do models come into play if they are rooted in relational notations and processes?

In this webinar, Karen Lopez of InfoAdvisors will cover 10 tips for the modern data architect and resources for coming up to speed on these new approaches. She will share how modern data modeling approaches address both SQL (relational) and NoSQL technologies. We’ll look at the role of a data modeler, and how models, processes and data governance processes can add value to enterprise big data and NoSQL development projects.

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Tuesday 26th August 2014 11AM PDT / 1PM CDT / 2PM EDT

About the Presenter:
Karen Lopez is the Senior Project Manager and Architect at InfoAdvisors. She has more than twenty years of experience in helping organizations implement large, multi-project programs. She is a MVP, SQL Server, and a Dunn and Breadstreet MVP.

InfoAdvisors is a Toronto-based data management consulting firm. We specialize in the practical application of data management. Our philosophy is based on assessing the cost, benefit, and risk of any technique to meet the specific needs of our client organizations.


VIDEO: Resurrection of SQL with Big Data and Hadoop

Did you really think that SQL was going away? Attend this session to learn how SQL is a vital part of the next generation of data environments. Find out how you can use your existing SQL tools in the big data ecosystem.

Oz Basarir is the product manager of Embarcadero’s database management and development tools. Having worked over the last two decades with databases at a spectrum of companies as small as his own to as large as Oracle and SAP, he has an appreciation for diversity of the data ecosystems as well as for the tried-and-true languages (SQL).

Learn more about DBArtisan and try it free at http://embt.co/DBArtisan
Learn more about Rapid SQL and try it free at http://embt.co/RapidSQL

Resurrection of SQL with Big Data and Hadoop
by Oz Basarir – Embarcadero

Oz Basarir

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White Paper: Universal Enterprise Data Connectivity for the Multi-Device World with FireDAC

White Paper

Universal Enterprise Data Connectivity for the Multi-Device World with FireDAC

Learn how to connect with more data, more easily and on more devices with this in-depth technical white paper by Cary Jensen. Enterprise data access can be challenging. While products like dbExpress have solved many of these problems, what is needed is a data access engine that can deal with the rapidly changing world of IT.

Download here…