Rapid SQL: The Intelligent IDE for SQL Development

Do you have the right tool for Database development?

Rapid SQL has interactive tool tips containing business definitions, metadata and security alerts which improves accuracy, knowledge and compliance.

Rapid SQL works across all of your enterprise data sources, it’s one environment for all of your development needs.

DBArtisan, the tool of choice for DBA’s around the world.

Embarcadero® DBArtisan® is the premiere database administration toolset helping DBAs maximize availability, performance and security across multiple DBMSs. This essential toolset consistently boosts productivity, streamlines routine tasks, and reduces errors. DBArtisan provides an easy-to-use, single view across all enterprise data sources featuring comprehensive capabilities for all core data management tasks.

Take Control of your Data with ER/Studio

In today’s world, there is a requirement to improve the quality and consistency of the essential data in an organization. Data management professionals turn to Embarcadero Technologies’ ER/Studio, a comprehensive solution that sets a new standard for data management. This 6-minute video describes how ER/Studio enables data professionals to share, document, and collaborate on the data models in their environment.