DB Optimizer – Database Performance and SQL Tuning

DB Optimizer – Database Performance and SQL Tuning

DB Optimizer is a database optimization tool that maximizes database and application performance, reliability, and availability by profiling, tuning, and load testing SQL code.

DB Optimizer – Introduction

Part 1 of 5 | 3 min 46 sec
Get started with a brief introduction to DB Optimizer’s features and capabilities, an overview of the GUI and how to get started by adding data sources.

DB Optimizer – SQL Editing

Part 2 of 5 | 1 min 29 sec
Take a look at the SQL editing capabilities in DB Optimizer’s IDE. Organize the result sets, scroll through value and rewrite queries.

DB Optimizer – Tuning

Part 3 of 5 | 10 min 24 sec
Learn how to use DB Optimizer to tune SQL. Generate cases and perform detailed analysis with visual cues to quickly optimize SQL code. Also, watch how Visual SQL Tuning gives DBAs an advantage when it comes to tuning!

DB Optimizer – Profiling

Part 4 of 5 | 5 min 16 sec
See DB Optimizer profile databases to quickly identify bottlenecks and other problem areas. This video shows how DBAs can capture profiling details, address wait times and report via XML files.

DB Optimizer – SQL Loading

Part 5 of 5 | 3 min 54 sec
Watch the demonstration around conducting load testing for performance optimization. Load testing helps makes sure any SQL code is able to handle the rigors of the most hectic database environments.


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